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Default Re: Kessler and Froch fans are pathetic!!

Originally Posted by Bulletproof View Post
First of all relax dude, you weren't attacked. This is an internet forum for crying out loud, it's not that serious!
I'm sorry but weren't you the one who went off on some rant about me being a "butthurt fanboy" because I happened to say that I thought it hypocritical that Ward's fans were promoting the idea that you have to take the title from the champ's turf when he never did and that I saw no reason why a rematch could not take place somewhere other than America?

Undue ferocity in you response, completely diregarding my opinion because it happened not to agree with yours. And before you say you didn't I will remind you that finished that post by saying "Well keep dreaming pal, and I wonder if the sky is blue in the dream world that you live in....." and if that's not high-handed dismissal then I dont know what is.

Secondly, and once again, why the criticism of Ward for not traveling when two of boxings biggest stars of the last 20 years or so (DLH/Mayweather) never traveled outside the USA? Now from where I sit the majority of the whining is coming from butthurt Euro's/Froch/Kessler fans and appears to nothing more than sour g****s and bitter tears! Ward beat the three Euro's convincingly!!!! Now it's Ward needs to travel and re-match two of those guys. For what? To validate the original results? Is it because Froch said he had an "off night", which we as fans have NEVER heard from a losing fighter before right? This is crazy, it's like some kid you beat up in your backyard then a week later he's running off at the mouth demanding you fight him again in his backyard.
Point out where I have ever said Ward has to travel, point out where I have ever said that staying in America in detrimental to Ward's career or that I dont respect his accomplishment because he's never fought abroad. You wont be able to, because I've never said that.

The closest you will come to it is a post a while back where I said that it might be a legitimate criticism of him for not travelling in the Super Six when everyone else had to, but you'll note that even then I did not say anything about not travelling lessening Ward's legacy, or the level of respect he's due or whatever.

All I have said is that I would like to see him travel and I do not understand why others dont - particularly those who think him vastly superior to everyone else in that division.

These re-matches serve NO PURPOSE at all, even if they are "earned" as you say. JMM-Pac for example, all those fights made sense because of the outcomes. A Pac-Bradley re-match makes sense. The Kessler and Froch fights don't to me, neither would Cotto- Mayweather 2 or Pac-Hatton 2. Like I said before, Cotto has a HUGE fanbase, however I don't see them butthurt and up in arms wanting Floyd to go to PR to fight him and criticizing him because he probably wouldn't. The same with Hatton fans. Was there an outcry for Pac to come to the UK? No, because nobody wants to see those fights again.
So your argument in this bit is what? That Froch and Kessler fans shouldn't be calling for a rematch if they think their fighter is capable of winning? That neither Forch or Kessler should ever think of fighting Ward again if they think they can do better?

When Hatton lost to Pac he was through. He was beaten mentally and physically and retired. This is completely different. Ward clearly beat Kessler and Froch, he did so with relative ease, but both think they can do better against him and working towards rematch, and I sorry but I do not have a high level of respect for someone who would dismiss their efforts to reach the top and fight the best guy in the division, especially if that guy had beaten them already. They're not just packing their bags and giving up, they're trying to recover, to prove themselves worthy of a shot again and to try and avenge their losses. That's admirable to me regardless of whether its a forelorn hope or not.

And who's to say a second fight wouldn't go differently. Boxing history is full of examples of fights turning out completely different from the way people expect them to - the Ward/Kessler for instance. You dont know how the fight's going to go until the bell rings. Most would expect Ward to beat Froch or Kessler now, but that doesn't mean a fight against one of them would be pointless if they earnt it through beating the other top competitors in the division.

Finally, just because I'm convinced Ward would beat both those guys anywhere, anytime, doesn't mean he should do so just to satisfy so called critics. Is that where we are at in the sport? Fighter A beats fighter B handily in fighter A's country, then Fighter B and his legion of butthurt fans want Fighter A to come to the country of Fighter B because they are all so positive that the venue was the reason for the original outcome. Or does this only apply to Ward for some ridiculous reason, because the last time I checked he isn't the only American fighter to not travel. Besides, he's 28 and has said he'd like to fight in the UK, so let's see what happens. However, where does it end? Let's say Ward beats Froch in Nottingham or Kessler in Denmark, either will probably make another excuse as to why he lost, so then should there be a third fight, a fourth? Maybe in a "neutral" country somewhere like Bolivia? I'm not up in arms at the notion of a re-match with either guy, I just ask for what? I'm sure Pac would flatten Hatton a second time, it doesn't mean he should go to the UK to do it. As far as re-matches go if anyone deserves one, like him or not it's Andre Dirrell. Even with that, I didn't see any Froch needs to come to Flint, Michigan to fight Dirrell again threads from butthurt Yanks!
Well, first, you see no call for Froch/Dirrell2 because Dirrell's disappeared. When was the last time he fought? What, exactly, has he been doing for the last three years? Nothing. He might deserve a rematch against Froch but he can't get that if he's pretty much retired. And if he were an active fighter you probably would see calls for Froch to come fight him in Michigan.

Secondly, I'm not calling for Ward to fight Froch in England or Kessler in Denmark out of some ridiculous notion of his wins not being legitimate enough in America. All I have said on the matter is that I fail to see how an argument that fighting a legitimate challenger who has earnt a shot at him in that challengers own country would be pointless to Ward, where Ward would gain no benefit from beating that fighter in that fighters country.

Nor have I said that Ward's wins weren't legitmate or that he isn't better than Kessler or Froch, but I fail to see how a rematch against Froch or Kessler would be dismissed as pointless if either of them worked hard enough and beat enough credible fighters to earn that shot.

All I have seen from Ward fans is irate denial of any justification whatsoever for any potential fight he could ever have outside the US. This may be a backlash against the considerable criticism their fighter has recieved for fighting the majority of his fights in California but even so the level of ferocity put into denying reason why he could benefit from travelling abroad for a fight is starting to get as bad as that displayed by the people who criticise him for not travelling.
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