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Default Re: Slip Jab to Slip cross hows this done should it ever be done?

Depends which way ur slipping. To the outside of the punch, or the inside?

If u slip to the inside of the jab, moving ur head left presuming both of u are orthodox, and then slip ur head to the right, thereby slipping to the inside of the opponent's right hand, then ur pretty safe.

If u slip the jab to the outside, head to the right, and then try to slip the right hand to the left, you are courting disaster!!! It's a move so many trainers use with the pads because its so convenient, but in practice, very very risky.

Safest bet is to slip the jab to the outside, then slip the right to the inside. In other words, slip to the right, and slip again to the right, or slide with it. Then slip to the left for the left hook (to the inside). At each point, you are ready to counter.
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