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Default Re: How to counter someone lunging in?

Originally Posted by boxbible View Post
If he's knocking you back into the ropes, sounds like you might be squaring up as he lunges in. Keep stepping back with the back foot and let the front foot follow so you always have a good stance. Then you'll be able to counter him.

Sometimes, take one step back, stand ur ground, drop down by bending ur knees a bit and punch back. Sometimes it'll be two steps and stand ur ground. Depends on how much he lunges in. But keep ur stance.

Other times, it could be that when u initiate an attack, he also lunges in. In that case, step in like ur gonna punch, step back immediately, and counter his ****.

When u get a bit comfortable with these, then start learning to step to the side and countering. Step in, step to the side. Step back, step to the side.
Good advice cheers
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