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Default Re: 12 round limit, saved lives?

Originally Posted by TBooze View Post
Fighters of this era are not used to hard fights, they have it too easy on the way up and when things start getting rough, they lack the mileage of toughness needed.

If 15 rounders were brought back, fighters would need to prepare better, respect their weight etc... And by doing so, surely this would lead to less, not more injuries?
TBooze, I think you're half right. Preparedness is one thing, but someone here mentioned how come there wasn't many or any ring deaths in the 50s or 60s. To that I say there was one champ not four. In order to get that title shot one had to go through his apprenticeship. By the time he got his shot at the brass ring he was ready. Today you have four guys looking for work. They have bled the top ten dry. One can get a title shot after ten fights. That fighter hasn't learned his trade. He's going to get hurt when he goes against the champ. Also, for example, Kiko Beijenes and Jimmy Garcia weren't prepared for their respective shots at Albert Davila and Gabe Ruelas. Kiko hadn't fought in a year and had lost his last fight. Why was he getting a title shot? The same for Garcia. I don't have his record in front of me but he had lost a title fight against Genero Hernandez about six months earlier, so why was he getting another shot? If memory serves me he was completely outclassed by Hernandez and hadn't won a fight in a year. We need less champions so our contenders can grow and grow properly, not plucked from the vine before ripe.
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