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Default Re: George Foreman best bareknuckle fighter ever ?

I think Tyson knocks George the **** a street fight.
I know Foreman had a mean streak but i dont know how much of a 'street' kinda guy he was.

Foreman punches hard no doubt, but he seems to knock people around with his punches, when Tyson hit people, they were going to sleep.

Ive read numerous stories about Tysons exploits though. Tyson was a complete asshole, especially in his younger days. He would commit crime, rob/mug people and then run off and hide in Catskills. Even after he turned pro.

Tyson once grabbed a girls butt and her boyfriend, knowing who Tyson was, didnt do anything, Tyson still slapped him in the face.

Another time just after turning pro, Tyson walked up to some security guards and poured beer all over them and told them to go f*ck themselves.
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