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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
You're back!
Always here running the show Loudon
But with more nonsense ha!
Which bit is nonsense. If any of it was, you would be able to highlight that, which you cannot
Toney didn't have a great 168 resume, but at 160 he'd beaten Nunn, and the Body Snatcher who were great fighters.
Nunn was a talented fighter who had beaten a few WWs and was schooling Toney before Toneys comeback. Nunn was Toneys best win, but was at MW not SMW where Toney didnt do much.
Different weight division and pointless talking about what Toney did at MW when he is at SMW
Those two wins eclipse anything Eubank did.
Complete rubbish.
So in Loudons mind a MW win is better than anything a SMW did at SMW
What did James do a year after this video?
Fought Pranther
He fought Roy Jones.
Lost to R Jones, who didnt want to fight Eubank, Benn, Rocchigiani, Collins at SMW, though not surprising really
Something that Eubank wasn't interested in.
Yeah Eubank at SMW fights undefeated former SMW champ Rocchigiani, massive punching 2 weight champ and then WBC SMW champ Benn, plus a whole load of top 10 SMWs, whilst Jones and Toney, other than each other didnt go near a top SMW and you look to Eubank who has one of the best SMW resumes ever and say Eubank didnt want to know
The winner of Benn vs Eubank 2 was going to fight Toney, but they drew. How did James hide from them? Did he run up to 175 because he was scared?
Your're right Toney didnt run from SMW, he went on to fight the legendary Thornton who Eubank had beaten already.
Whilst Eubank straight after Benn fought the real SMW champ, undefeated relinquished IBF SMW champ Rocchigiani. And Benn fought undefeated world class Henry Wharton.
Yeah so Eubank fights an undefeated former (relinquished) world champ, Benn fights an undefeated world class SMW and Toney fights a Eubank leftover . Yeah Loudon complete nonsense
Roy didn't do much at 168, because after he'd beaten Toney, he knew he wouldn't be able to unify, so he moved up to 175 for a new challenge.
Did Roy try and unify?
Benn called him out when WBC champ, Collins called him out when WBO champ and Liles called him out when WBA champ.
Is this just you talking for Jones again Loudon
Benn and Eubank had better 168 resumes, because that was their best weight, and they stayed there longer than James.
Or was it that Toney and Jones moved on because they would have to face one of the fighters mentioned above.
Toney and Jones were both found to have failed tests in their careers. Could it be that with whatever they used adding additional muscle, they couldnt make the weight for as long?
Fighters who have failed tests seem to go up in weight divisions alot of times -
Jones, Toney, Mosely etc
Yet again, you haven't allowed for circumstances.

Overall, Toney has a better resume than both.
How? Toney had beaten Nunn at MW, Eubank had beaten Benn and I rate Benn as a better MW and SMW than Nunn.
For where fighters were at the times they were fought, Eubank and Benn have greater resumes.
Toney couldnt even beat Williams at first ask
Regards, Loudon.
Regs, your papa Bailey
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