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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Media: What about Chris Byrd?

James Toney: I'll fight him, him and his wife. I got a girl, 185 pounds, ready to whoop her *ss and any other wife out there in boxing that’s trying to come to the sport. All of these wives out here are banding together. What's her name? Mosley's wife?

Media: Jin. I thought Jin was cool with you, the Mosleys?

James Toney: I'm cool with Shane. I don’t know her and don’t care to know her. And if Shane feels offended by it, f*ck him. I don’t care who I offend. If you like me, you like me. If you don’t, suck my d*ck. Shane and all these other guys who let their wives come in and try to control their minds - that's some f*ggots man. They got no heart, no *****, no backbone.

Media: What about Tarver and Hopkins?

James Toney: They put another snore together. They are both going to be scared to hit each other, but I'm saying that I hope Bernard wins. I think he should win. Antonio Tarver ain’t got no heart. He's from the south, country boy picking cotton baskets. He's got bubble gum colored lips.Bubble gum lip mother f***er."
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