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Default Re: --- Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez - Ratings, Build Up --- (Videos)

Originally Posted by KO-KING View Post

With Versatility I rated it different styles used during fights, JMM adjusts in fight tremendously but still uses the same style, however pacquiao has changed his style alot fight to fight, JMM fights similarly in every fight, Adjustments during fights doesn't mean versatility in my opinion, that's more to do with Ring IQ in my opinion.

KD by who, am assuming Pacquiao.

Versatility in common non-technical parlance, simply means adaptability, all-roundedness, dexterity, adjustability, etc. primarily. One who is versatile can adapt to anything, and can change from one state/quality to another with relative ease in relation to an immediate situation--and as such could imply variety, multiplicity, etc. secondarily. JMM has shown those qualities more than Pacquiao as the former had been put into more adverse and hard situations, even picking himself up from the canvas 4 times, but was able to adapt and adjust, even turn the tide in many rounds. That is adaptability more than variety/multiplicity per se.

If im not mistaken, you implied and must've meant by your usage of the word 'versatility' what boxing experts would specifically call "ring generalship" which is what ring IQ is all about...

I see where you're coming from mate. No disagreement here, just some minor and subjective semantics and subjective interpretations to help avoid moot misunderstanding.

And oh yeah, it's JM who i think is gonna taste the canvas again (as had been in the previous fights, but will be able to pick himself up yet again and box in spurts and even dominate to make it close, shades of fight 2).
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