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Default Re: Is it feasible to rank Wills over Dempsey in an ATG list?

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Ed...All historical events must be looked at within the time period they occurred in order to logically understand how and why they occurred. If you don't you get idiots looking at a fight between Wills and Dempsey as a "unification" bout. Once again looking back on the early to mid 1920's in the minds eye of 2012. Just plain wrong to do so if the intent is to understand what and why things occurred the way the did. Dempsey was not greatly popular with the lay public until after he lost to Tunney. It would not surprise me or anyone that he was hooted at any one specific event. Once again....Wills HIMSELF did not lay any blame on Dempsey for the fight not coming off...why are you?
Wills was the coloured champ, jack was the white champ. Call it what you want but given wills longevity at the top it was far from undisputed.
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