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Default Re: Are the Klit Brothers ATG?

Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post
Top 10? Come on man. Beating Mormeck,Wach,Haye is equivalent to beating say Liston,Foreman,Patterson,Frazier ?

Wlad belongs with Ali,Homes,Foreman,Holyfield,Louis,Dempsey ?

No other ATG was 3 times KO'd before age 35. No other ATG had their brother to help them. Dont underestimate the brother thing.
- outstanding amateur record
- former Olympic SHW gold medalist
- 62 pro fights with 50 KO's; only 3 losses
- defeated several former Olympic medalists and professional titlists
- RING, IBF, IBO, WBC, WBA titles
- established new HW lineage in 2009
- 18 total title defenses (6 of lineal championship)

There are no Louis', Marciano's or Dempseys to fight right now; all Klitschko can do is fight who's available and willing. He's done that and he's dominated. You OBSESS on the the 3 losses, but since he worked out the kinks he's been an unstoppable force and hardly lost a round.

During the EPIX broadcast of Klitschko-Wach, both Lou DiBella dn Dan Rafael said that Wlad is already a top ten ATG heavyweight. They made that statement and repeated that statement numerous times during the broadcast. Freddie Roach has said it in the past, as have several other boxing experts.

Wlad is not the only ATG HW champion to reign during a weak era (Louis, Holmes, Tyson) nor under unique circumstances.
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