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Default Re: Is it feasible to rank Wills over Dempsey in an ATG list?

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
No...your the one trying to change history not me. Dempsey was one of boxings all time great fighters. So say the finest trainers and historians in boxing history. But on here they are all wrong and what the heck let's rewrite history? That's ok with you? Should not be if your a serious student of the game.

Wills stated he knew Dempsey would have made the fight if he could. He was there and he was involved in the day to day historical record. But no....let's ignore what Wills himself stated and rewrite history. That's ok with you? Should not be if your a serious student of the game.

Now if you want to ignore what Wills himself stated Dempsey backs up what Wills stated by saying he did all he could to make the fight and that Rickard who controlled boxing in those days did not want to make the fight. Again both Wills and Dempseys statements fully jive.

Now let's say you don't believe either Wills or Dempsey. Can't understand why you would since it's all about Wills and Dempsey is it not? But let's say by some magic spell both fighters are wrong about what they themselves went through. The leading boxing writer and historian of the day backs up 100 percent of what both men say did happen! What more do you want?

If your goal is to make things up for some crazy reason then that's just great....just don't call it in any way historically accurate.
I'm not rewriting history you absolute tool, I'm forming my own opinion on it, which is what everyone else does, every day of their lives. Just because Dempsey said he did all he could to make the fight happen, doesn't mean he's telling the truth. In fact it's quite obvious he didn't do everything he could to make the fight happen because if he did, he would have left Rickard and no matter who wants to argue against this it is a fact, Dempsey did not do all he could to make the fight with Wills. It's like Arum, Pac and Maywether right now saying they're trying to make this fight happen. Doesn't mean they're telling the truth does it Houdini? But wih your logic it's already been said suppose so we can't rewrite history and all 3 have told the truth.

Now I've spelled it out infront of you, as to how ridiculous you sound, do you finally realise how much of a massive bell end you've been?
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