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Default Re: Is it feasible to rank Wills over Dempsey in an ATG list?

Look, I entered ESB about 2 years ago..I am by nature a counterpuncher who was
disappointed at many posters who whenever Dempsey's name came up in a H2H
contest with another Hwt always mentioned he AVOIDED black fighters as Harry Wills, Langford etc, and yes using the word "racist" time and again...So if I who feel that Dempsey did sign to fight Wills ,as shown in tons of articles of the time and photos
of the signing try to defend Dempsey, I am considered a pain in the **** by some on ESB. Am I to remain silent everytime Dempsey was called a racist who never fought a black fighter even though I feel along with great boxing figures of that era that
Dempsey was willing to fight Wills but circumstances prevented their match from
taking place ? Why should I not rebut some posters who I KNOW take delight in
targeting Dempsey time and again. I NEVER started this debate, others have constantly
brought up Wills every time Dempsey's name is mentioned on ESB...Why am I the bad guy cause I try to give my point of view AFTER Dempsey's name is mentioned followed
by his failure to meet Wills ? If someone posts 2 and 2 is 5, why am I the bad guy
trying honestly to give what I believe is the correct answer ? Sure Harry Wills deserved a shot at Dempsey and didn't get it...But times were different than today and Dempsey was NOT the villain he is made out to be by some posters today 90 years later...
And as with Gibert and Sullivan I say, "the punishment don't fit the crime "...Finito I hope.
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