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Default Re: Is it feasible to rank Wills over Dempsey in an ATG list?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
You've said this already. Twice.

I've asked you, thrice, to provide an example from the thread.
Mc I have read Dempsey hated to fight black fighters many many times on ESB threads and not on this particular thread. Are you denying that Dempsey has a target on his back by many on ESB . I have lost all my damn posts and threads in hurricane Sandy along with everything i held dear to me Mc and I am not on trial with you as the presiding judge...
If you truly believe that Dempsey has not been a target lo these recent years on ESB, well that is not my problem...ESB has become more of a
"social problem" forum than a boxing forum i fervently believe and I abhor politics...And what I experienced recently is a helluva lot more important to me than political correctness issues.
P.S. Remember Mc I might be on the right side of this thread...
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