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Default Re: Blood vs. urine? USADA clears up fuss over Mayweather-Pacquiao drug testing feud

Originally Posted by pejevan View Post
Tygart is actually correct in staing about HGH. - HGH exists in the blood at a hundred times greater concentration than in urine. The challenge and invasiveness of obtaining and handling samples is vastly greater for blood than for urine testing, which is the athletic commission standard. More problematic is the very short half-life of HGH in the body: about 2.5 hours. A day after injecting HGH, serum levels are 0.1 percent of the injection dose, and a week after using HGH, the drug is completely gone from the system.

On a side note :

“[On] HGH blood test, they’ve done thousands of tests and they’ve only caught one guy,” Kizer stated in May 2010, when the Nevada commission last considered HGH testing. “Either he is the only guy doing HGH or there are a lot of false negatives.”
Still puzzled with how Floyd fans are still stuck on "blood testing". Urine can catch almost every other PED that might be in an athletes system....Blood testing after a fight would be sufficient if both parties absolutely need it for whatever reasons.

This fight should have happened back in 2009.
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