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Default Earnie Shavers VS The Klitchko Brothers. Who wins n how?

Remember Vitalis chin isnt Earnie shavers good, he was rocked by sanders and Lewis if only a bit, well shavers hits much harder than both of those guys, and he has ridiculous reach, and his long overhand looks talor made for the taller Klitcko brothers. He had longer range. Is faster. Has a longer jab and isnt a bad boxer himself. He looks worse than he was due to it being such a competitive era, where as the Klitchkos look better than they are due to a low competition pool.

I have it Earnie shavers 1st round KO of Wlad. Of course it easily could go the other way, shavers I believe had a better chin than Wlad as another point?

Vitali TKO shavers in the 6th after a near miss/ knockdown. It could easily go the other way tho, shavers could Knock Vitali out with one cross/ looping overhand punch counter to Vitalis jab.

Both fighters would be in their prime of course.
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