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Default Re: Good article that pretty much sums up Danny Green...Not our best...But he has "HE

Originally Posted by bazil View Post
TC i back ya 100%.
The bogan lover that is oztoss is easliy lured into the daily telegraphs **** sucking of danny green and its biased stories.
Fair enough he dislikes mundine but the maggot only comes out of the woodwork when he reads a biased green article or when his inbred 8 fingered son that is IRNBRUMAN makes an appearance.
Both are worthless grubs.....
A fair assesment indeed and quite accurate. I just dont see why he felt the need to mention me, i didnt rubish Dannys performance, didnt even bag the guy over the fight, all i can gather is he is trolling and has nothing better to do in order to inflate his bogan ego.

For me this fight really showed where Danny is at in his career, as a result im certian its coming to an end.
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