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Default Re: The Sparring Partners - 'Talk About Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston II'

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
Young Griffo,

Very few Top Boxers can get other Top Boxers as sparring partners, to get
their ribs and face busted up.

Sonny went through '12' sparring partners up in Dedham, Boston and Poland Springs,

Who'd you expect him to get at $40 per day - George Chuvalo, Ernie Terrell, and Doug Jones.

You're such a 'moron'.
Well the inference of Copelands "quote" (that is if he actually said it knowing your dubious history) was that Sonny looked great against him in sparring but terrible against Ali so therefore he automatically must've taken a dive.

I put zero stock in this as even an old and washed up Liston would be able to slap around a complete ham and egger like Copeland in any kind of fight but that has no relevence whatsoever on what that would mean against a fighter of Ali's quality in a real fight.

You using the testimonies of sparring partners to build a case for a "fix" is tenuous at best but in keeping with your usual standards of dubious reportage/baiting.

Personally I've always thought Liston did take a dive in the rematch (and the rematch only) but that is entirely his fault and his shameful performance shouldn't be attributed to Ali in any way unless you have any real evidence at all, which you don't unless heresay,conjecture and innuendo count as such.
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