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I've seen the Terrell fight multiple times and there was never any "thumbing" going on, especially "repeatedly" ... Terrell claimed that Ali did "thumb" him but it was most likely unintentional

Every fighter does that kind of **** ... Tyson used to throw elbows in clinches and hit after the bell ... Lewis would hold and hit ... Wlad literally bear hugs and tries to wrestle guys to the ground ... Foreman got away with more pushing than anyone I've ever seen .. Holmes would thumb guys ... Spinks would elbow guys as well ... I can go on and on

Nitpicking pedantic ***gots will exaggerate this kind of stuff and call it "cheating" ... especially holding which is part of the sport ... this happens in boxing where guys try and gain every advantage they can ... it may be in violation of the rules but its not "cheating"
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