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Originally Posted by Forza View Post
He's the GOAT HW but I don't like him as a person. You can easily nitpick his resume (some BS decisions, lots of cans, little bit of cheating but they all cheat ) but he's still the GOAT. Damn near 20 years of HW dominance, and the most impressive part of his career was still battling some top opposition deep into the twilight of his career and winning.

I'll never be a fan of his though. He hated white people with a passion (even non racist ones), he even hated his own people (used to brag to blacks about his irish heritage, said it made him better looking). One time he was in the same training camp as Jose Torres and he asked ali " why do you care so much about race?", and ali replied " you wanna know the truth? I hate being black. I'm embarrassed to be black ". Larry Holmes said Ali was the biggest racist he even met, always sucked up to white people and behind the scenes said bad things about blacks.
He couldn't have hated white people that bad since he had Angelo Dundee with him his whole career. But Im interested where you heard Larry Holmes call him one of the biggest racists he ever met. I don't recall anything but good words for Ali in Holmes autobiography....but it has been 5 or 6 years since i last read it.
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