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Default Re: did angelo dundee know how to box????

Originally Posted by ron u.k. View Post
I remember some time in the sixties on TV watching Terry Downes fighting Willie Pastrano in London for the Light Heavyweight Title.
Downes was mauling Pastrano who was very lack lustre and after 10 rounds was clearly losing the fight.
Between the 10th and 11th round Dundee who was always a pretty laid back guy literally tore several strips of Pastrano, he shouted and swore and told Pastrano to get his act together or he was history.
The next round a fired up and motivated Pastrano found another gear went out and knocked Downes out.
A great motivator he certainly was!
I read where Dundee was urging Pastrano on, without too much sucess...trying to motivate him. Wille sat on his stool and told Angie "**** you". Dundee went ballistic.."**** me????? No you *******...(pointing to Downes in the opposite corner) **** HIM man, **** HIM!!" Willlie found it in him to ko Downes shortly afterwards in the 10th. Yes, he was a great motivator, more so than a strategist IMO..
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