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Default Re: The Sparring Partners - 'Talk About Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston II'

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Once again....the reason no one wanted the fight were as described. It had little if anything to do with the potential of a fix. It was all about Alis ties to the nation of Islam, Malcom x being assassinated and Ali life being threatened. The fear was what happened to Malcom would happen to Ali and in a boxing arena this may also take countless lives. no one attended the fight because of where it was, high ticket prices and the fear something bad was going to happen along the lines of what happened to Malcom x. This is why knowing history is so important. Wrong conclusions can be drawn as what was done here and other posts concerning these two outs.
This isn't true.

The fight wasn't wanted anywhere because :
1. the WBA had banned return bout contracts and the member state commissions had voted to uphold that ban.
2. Liston was linked to underworld figures which had him banned in other states.
3. The first fight had been controversial and had drawn a meagre crowd.

if anything, the Malcolm X assassination and a hypothetical "revenge" attack on Ali by Malcolm loyalists (Ali was an Elijah Muhammad loyalist) was over-egged by the media to arouse interest in the fight.
If they had stuck to strict boxing talk, it didn't seem to warrant much column space.
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