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Default Re: German Speakers : How badly screwed is Boytsov?

Kluch seems to be borderline criminal. I read an article about the sale of Universum from the previous owner Klaus-Peter Kohl to the new owner Waldemar Kluch. Basically Kohl negotiated payment of 1.5 million EURO for Universum, to be paid in stages after finalization of the contract.

After an initial payment, Kluch was unable (or unwilling) to pay up the full amount.

Kohl then offered "Give me the promotional rights to Boytsov, and I will market him in the US with TopRank and thus your debt will be paid off". This was in late 2011/early 2012 if I recall correctly. Kluch disagreed "No I won't let Boytsov go, he's the best fighter we have, we have to hold on to him otherwise I can close down Universum on the spot".

Fast forward 12 months and Kluch is bankrupt and does not want Boytsov to fight at all. What a ****ing idiot.

On top of that I've seen Erdei on Hungarian TV claiming Universum owes him 750,000 EUR. Kluch is a piece of **** for letting Universum go bankrupt, then sell the rights to these fighters to follow-up companies without paying past claims. This is borderline illegal and these fighters need to sue him asap in order to get out of these slave contracts.
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