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Default Re: Which is you favourite division right now?


- because I was one.

Plus, it's getting very interesting lately.

Geale, Quillin (looking great in his last fight) ands of course the exciting question mark that is Golovkin, all would give Sergio a serious battle.

And some of the better the prospects are really, really good:

Daniel Jacobs - fast & skilled. Yeah, he lost to Pirog, but **** happens, and Pirog was still really good then. This guy has SERIOUS power, and is still young enough to fix holes in his defense. I'd love to see Jacobs face GGG. - That's a guaranteed KO if there ever was one.

Also check out up&comer Matvey Korobov. - This guy will never be in a boring fight! He looks & fights like a small David Price. Great balance & footwork, and he throws batches & batches of precision bombs. He needs to throw the jab more, and he has a strangle low KO percentage, but he looks great & is fun to watch.

And Fernando Guerrero could be a force very soon. From the few fights I've seen, this guy is smart, reasonably fast, very aggressive & has serious power. He fights a lot like Golovkin & Quillin: He doesn't waste movement, and just walks his opponents down, then explodes when they make mistakes.
Not enough head movement, and he desperately needs a jab to survive at the elite level, but his power & aggressiveness will balance that out.

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