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Default Re: Are the Klit Brothers ATG?

Originally Posted by krazylegs View Post
I don't understand what sports you are talking about. The only major sports Americans really care about are the NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL. And they don't compete against teams from other countries besides Canada. So how can they lose ground? or be considered weaker then teams of the same sports from different countries? Besides the Latinos in the MLB and the Russians(generalizing the USSR to one) in the NHL, the teams are filled with Americans, and would be heavily favored to beat any team from any country in competition. We also win the most medals in the Olympics, and although we definitely have programs and schools for these events, are not like China, who literally groom and create athletes from their booming population from the time of their inception.

But you are right about if the fighter is not American, or overly charismatic, it's hard for Americans to notice or appreciate the athlete. It also doesn't help that if you don't get premium channels( HBO,Showtime,Epix) or have the money to afford the PPV's, you can't find boxing on Tv besides FNF. And that talent is on such a low compared to the elite, it's hard to gain new fans, or make people wanna learn the science behind it. We're lucky to even get highlights or fight results announced on ESPN, if it doesn't have to do with Mayweather or Pac.

I left out Racing because i don't consider it a sport, and Tennis and Golf, which are usually dominated by one or two people for yrs ie, Tiger, Williams sisters, Federer, or won by a complete nobody that pulls off an epic upset.

It should be 51 Ko's right?? if memory serves me right, before the Haye fight Wlad had 50 written on his had, suggesting Haye would be #50 KO victim, and although Haye went the distance, Wlad then went on to stop Mormeck, and Thopmson by KO, so there would be #'s 50, and 51
wrong, boxing doubled in popularity in US in the last 10 years
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