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Default Re: Are the Klit Brothers ATG?

Wlad is already a top 10. And he could climb as high as 3-7 depending on who he beats and how long he fights on winning.

Vitali, with those 4 gaping prime yrs missing from his resume, is lacking in the resume dept. H2H, no doubt top 10. But overall, missing those 4 yrs, it'd be a stretch to push him into the top 10. Right now, I got him between 11-15, and a win over Haye would certainly help his chances, but Haye would have to win some fights afterwards.

I actually think Vitali's win over Charr will help him legacywise moreso than a win over Haye. He's fighting Juan Carlos Gomez next and a win there cements him in the top 10 IMO. He's actually pursuing a title, unlike Haye who seems content on pursuing paychecks.
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