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Default Re: The Sparring Partners - 'Talk About Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston II'

Harvey 'Cody' Jones.........'The Detroit Express'

A 25 year-old, 6' 2" 205 lb. 'left-hook specialist' from Detroit.

In February 1964, the #19 Heavyweight - Cody Jones had a
record of 17-3-2 (15 KO's) and was regarded as having the
'quickest' left hook of all the Heavyweights in Boxing.

Not only quick, but powerful, leading some to say that Cody's left
hook was better than Sonny's.

After flooring Cassius in a February 1964 sparring session (at the
5th Street Gym), Cody was a 'hot commodity'.

Cody Jones, 'I'm faster than Sonny Liston. My left hook is much quicker,
because I snap it, while Sonny sweeps with his.'

By May 1965, 26 year-old - Cody had a record of 18-6-2 (15 KO's), after losing
'3-straight' bouts, knocking him out of the Top 20.

Cody Jones, 'If Sonny tries to throw that 'slow left hook' from way outside,
Cassius will parry it, and counter him silly.'

Cody Jones sparring with Cassius Clay.

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