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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
And to think I was banned for much less......

The biggest Ricky Burns deluded fanboy out! Fair play that you train the bloke, but my word you are deluded and quite nasty towards people. You will find, Billy, that you will hurt the most, when you come crashing down to earth and Broner has exposed your man like he did De Marco. Ricky Burns is an improved fighter, but he ain't got nothing on Broner, and I can't stand Broner. But he is just to much for Ricky and Ricky won't be doing himself any good by fighting him. Broner is to smart in the ring, he is to crisp, he is to fast, to multi-dimensional, stupidly difficult to hit, he is faster, he is awkward, he mixes it up, he knows when to press, and when not, he knows how to walk fighters down, he knows how to neutralize a fighters best punch.

Ricky Burns stands a chance of doing a bit better than De Marco if he brings his A-game and concentrates, but ultimately when that lapses, Broner will know what to do, press the fight, forcing your man to back up and go into a shell. With a clear neutral boxing mind, Ricky Burns can and could well be, finished in a similar fashion to De Marco.

Boxing is about levels, Broner is an elite fighter, De Marco, and Ricky Burns are a level below that in more ways than one. Ricky Burns would have a tough fight against De Marco, I think he would win, buts its a tough close fight.

Adrien Broner is not a close fight.

Don't worry Bill, the old Bill won't be coming for you, your untouchable on here. Say what you want, do what you want....nothing will happen to you.

I think the only thing left for us to do, is to campaign outside your local KFC, to shut it down, the junk food is going to your head and turning you into a right **** towards people on here.

No f*cking need for it.
Craney answer me this,why do you think Broner won't come to the UK?
Don't you think he realises Ricky will give him by far the hardest fight he's had and wants the comfort of the US to fight in?
Please share your vast experiences with us all when replying:the reply should be very short and priceless
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