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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

Originally Posted by rossco666 View Post
Craney you've got an obsesion with Ricky Burns and Billy Nelson .

To be fair to Billy he does take a bit stick on here with the personal insults, he can dish it out and its all good banter at the end of the day but some go too far. The KFC **** is out of order imo. Your a ****ing hypocrit craney.

You keep banging on about Burns fan boy's!?! I think your the one with the Burns obsession. You even once had the brass neck to moan about all the Ricky Burns threads when you only 2 day's earlier started your own Ricky Burns thread! Your an idiot.

I cant believe all the over hype surrounding Broner after he beat Demarco. you would think he just destroyed an elite level fighter. He looks very good, i was really impressed with how he fights on the inside and how game he was doing so but he's not very mobile on his feet, Burns has the tools to take advantage of this so i wouldnt get too ****y. Im on the fence with this one if the fights ever made.
No obsession at all, I maybe obsessed with the deluded fanboys he has, but not Ricky Burns. I don't mind Ricky Burns, as I've said nuff times. His fanboys are right up there with the worst out, and its mainly Scottish lads with a world champion to cling onto....and boy do they f*cking cling onto it.

Nothing wrong with support, but 90% of this is just downright blind support. I heard it all before with Ricky Hatton's fans, they don't think about fights like people who know **** about boxing. They just say every fight, "Oh he'll smash him, KO round 1" every single fight, this is not the case guys. Your being blinded by the love of your fighter.

I called the Broner-DeMarco fight spot on rossco, do you remember? I told you it would be easy work, Broner is an elite fighter, his skill set is extraordinary and I DONT LIKE BRONER. But credit where credit is due, even you and a few others said to me after my prediction, its not going to be an easy fight, and De Marco is good, and that De Marco may even beat Broner, "Its not set in stone", "Its no gimme", "No forgone conclusion" etc etc etc

.....and now your saying Broner is being over hyped.

What a load of **** Rossco, you just can't take it, you don't want to take it.

I'm not gonna repeat myself on what Broner is good at, I've said it in other threads, but the biggest thing that stands out for me, is the crispness of his boxing and his posture, he can attack, yet have no fear of getting caught, he leaves no room for that, he covers up body and tucks his chin in brilliantly, De Marco couldn't land f*ck all.....neither will Richard Burns.

The KFC stuff is just for laughs, and it's not just me that has a joke, and I'm sure Billy has a laugh also, but he can be very nasty to people on here, and they ain't being nasty to him, they are just giving an opinion on Ricky Burns, and then about 5 minutes later, Billy is here raging and calling people *****s and what not, no f*cking need for it! At all.

I just hope the Broner-Burns fight happens sooner rather than later, so some of you lot can get a reality check and come crashing down to earth. Ricky Burns is good, don't get me wrong, but not that good.

Regardless of what Billy Nelson is telling you, that is simply born from his support of the fighter he trains, which is understandable and totally doesn't mean it's gonna happen though.
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