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Default Re: Well Done Amir Khan

Originally Posted by MR KOOL
Look at Limonds face, look at his face. Amir Khan was too fast, to skillfull to strong for Limond tonight. I gave him 1 round, and that was the knock down round. Apart from that Amir Khan was always put working Limond. Limond knew he was not fast enough to hunt down Khan, so he decided to counter punch. He did have some success in doing this, but not enough.

Tonight Amir Khan was one of the bad men of boxing, he broke his nose, his Jaw smashed him up. Now he is the Commonwealth Champion, he got up off the deck, made a professional recovery and won the fight.

Well done Amir Khan.
Look. As a fn of Limond, Im sad tonight for him, but also happy that he put up such great showing against a future star of boxing. It was a great fight that went back & forth up until Khan landed a great shot that broke Limonds jaw & swung the fight irreversably in Amirs favour.

But to say Limond got a spanking & only won a single round is unfair IMO. I give credit to both fighters for reminding me why I like boxing with a fight that was edge of the seat stuff right from the beginning.

Lets give both fighters credit for a great fight, thats what I say. Both can take a lot of positives from this fight.
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