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Default Re: Ricky Hatton vs. Vyacheslav Senchenko & Scott Quigg vs. Rendall Munroe II RBR

Round 1

Buckland is tossing in right hands and digging left hooks to the body jumping in. Foster is backing up with his turtle shell up and elbows tucked in tightly and looking to counter with the 1-2 as Buckland jumps at him. Nice jab threaded in by Foster, catching Buckland from beneath his own extended jab as they circle. Buckland fires a hard 1-2 up top and gets ducked, settling instead for a left rip to the body. Right hand counter by Foster, short and straight, clinching after connecting. Double jab to the face by Buckland while circling left, then a right hand flopping in. They trade jabs and take turns blocking shots on the high guard while rapidly waltzing in the middle of the ring. Nice body work by Buckland.

10-9 Buckland
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