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Default Re: Ricky Hatton vs. Vyacheslav Senchenko & Scott Quigg vs. Rendall Munroe II RBR

Round 3

Buckland is whipping the right hand up into Foster's chest and jabbing on the way out as he skips free of clinches. Foster misses a 1-2 to the body and winds up charging into a headlock. Lots of tying up now as Buckland's attacks slow down some. Buckland misses an uppercut and Foster counters off the ropes with a straight right. Buckland pushes him into the next set of ropes with an outheld left forearm and some rights driven up to the gut. Foster misses a 1-2 as Buckland ducks. Clinch. Jab to the body by Buckland.

10-9 Buckland

30-27 Buckland
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