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Default Re: A win over Andre Dirrell would improve Ward's legacy

Andre Dirrell from his first relevant class fight to now:


1 fight.

Gets a shot at a world title, shows a great athlete, wins on many cards but has no situational awareness and allows the fight to be too close to assume victory in his opponent's backyard and loses a close one.


1 fight.

Supposed brain injury in March from a DQ punch after what began the most important showing he'd made against a championship name, but the name who would go on to be dominated by two of the other three big names of the division.


1 fight.

A fairly irrelevant fight in December. Understandable choice, given the circumstances, but still not anything meaningful on the world class level.


No fights.

This will not do much for Ward's legacy until he proves he's something in the wake of his supposed brain injury. I'd still like to see the fight, mind. And I'd still likely consider it a "good" win, but nothing more than that at all. He's had two meaningful fights and gone 1-1 in them.
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