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Default Re: Good article that pretty much sums up Danny Green...Not our best...But he has "HE

Originally Posted by kel View Post
This really is a moot point when it comes to Green and Mundine fans

1. How can people who hate Green be jealous, yet the Mundine haters are not jealous of his success

2. Why can't people just hate without being jealous?? It's a very overused term.
green doesnt or rarely fights tomato cans, doesnt mouth off, like; "im gunna be boxings bradman, dribble, dribble, dribble." mundine STARTED his career fighting real opponents, even opponents that had much more experience. he pulled many of em out of retirement to do it, but we forgave him because he had little ring time and had few ams experience. but he never stopped dribbling ****. the hate had already strated with some, because of his mouth. i actually still supported him right up to kessler. the dislike of mundine has little to do with jealousy. its his whole package that people dislike.

green fought his way up. he fought few tomato cans. the briggs incident was unfortunate but i believe his heart was in the right place. make your own mind upon that. i actually think there is more racism, or imagined racism where green is concerned. many percieve green fans as rednecks because they are white fellas. the jealously toward green could come from those that see his redneck fans as some sort of proof he is getting an easier ride, hence more money because he is white. i dont believe there is anything in that......but; you can see green in a slouch hat on a horse charging the turkish guns.....but its hard to conjour that vision of mundine.

importantly, there IS some much passion between fans of both green AND mundine themselves, it is quite possible it may be the superfight to end both their careers. that is how closely they have been tied to eachother in this era. so insepperadle and contrasting, that they may end their era and careers in the same ring.
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