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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
Yes Dunky it's pure and utter luck you ****ing clown,seriously mate some of the **** you write on these pages make people in boxing cringe.
Your a plain and simple want to be and will never will be! The reason being you haven't a clue about boxing,sorry for being so bluntt but if It's good for the goose Dunky!!!!!!
Predicting how fight can be won and lost Dunky,now I might be wrong but I thought that was the sign of someone who knows what there on about?
Clearly you don't!!!
Ricky to HIS credit is without doubt the most improved boxer in the UK for many years and you think it's down to getting him fit and ticking over?WHAT A ****ING STATEMENT!! Think about it Dunky and when you realise what a large one you've sounded an apology will be accepted on the grounds you never knew any better.
It was a tongue in cheek post, I was trying to be sarcastically humourous against the haters saying Ricky was flawed & a champ cos he met you by accident & you knew how to keep him fit, subtly hinting at the end that you ALWAYS get Burns predictions spot-on but obviously my attempt at humour has backfired

Now how many times have I said here that you have done a fine job with Burns? LOADS. **** sake, I had to buy lypsyl a while back cos my lips had gotten so dry kissing your behind(theres a lot of it to kiss) on the work you have did with Ricky
It would have been nice Billy if you gave me the benefit of the doubt & asked what my post was all about instead of getting all high & mighty on me

But hey, Im a nice guy & im sorry if I inadvertedly offended you, your boxing highness Billy Nelson.

This plain & simple want to be but never will be clown Dunky who makes boxers cringe & is a little bit of a large one who never knew any better bows to your greatness, Sir Billy of Nelson


For someone who knows nothing about boxing, you sure as hell went a bit mental trying to justify yourself when you thought ole dunk was questioning your ability & credibility So you can relax now Billy, knowing that I respect your ability to train fighters after all
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