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Default Re: Bernard Hopkins - How great?

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
I didn't get the joke BE???? WTF, where is it, I just can't see the joke, oh wait it's picking a 39yo Hagler over Jermaine Taylor?? Oh and rating DLH over him, that's a good one
Originally Posted by Bokaj View Post
Well, he'd been retired for 7 years when he was at the age Hopkins was when he lost to Taylor. For my part, I have a hard time seeing Hopkins reasonably close to his best losing to a WW coming out of 3 year retirement, which he spent mainly sniffing coke.

Hopkins did face the two best WWs of his era and soundly defeated both. No former LW, way past his prime, made him look foolish either.
Are there really still hardcore boxing fans who believe longevity is only a matter of years lived and nothing else? Why, I thought they only existed in propaganda fairy tales from MMA proponents. Dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. You hear about these types but you never dream they live in your neck of the woods.

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
co the **** sign. i gave taylor both by a round. could hopkins have won? sure but he didn't. and they were not robberies but close fights turned into taylor wins by hopkins inability/apathy/distain for throwing punches. taylor won by wanting it more and throwing punches to take close rounds

hopkins is very very good. even great. but he showed his ceiling against jones, losing by a fair margin. then by thrice getting outworked in winnable fights against taylor and then calzaghe. for the smartest fighter in the game or whatever, he sure hasn't learned his ****ing lesson. pascal held him to a (disputed) draw by doing the same ****ing thing
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