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Default Re: Bernard Hopkins - How great?

Originally Posted by Tin_Ribs View Post
Hagler came up through a far tougher middleweight division than Hopkins and had to wait ages to get his shot before going into the lion's den to face a good champion and winning dominantly before being showered in all kinds of abuse for doing so. He took plenty of risks. He was also 5'9 and had every possible pound packed into his frame; his body just wasn't suited to moving up, much less against a killer like Spinks. Even against the stronger middles like Minter, Sibbo, Vito, Briscoe, Hamsho etc he gave ground. Hopkins is about 6'0/6'1 and was able to gain weight far more effectively with the help of Shilstone.

Can't agree with you about Qawi, I don't think the old version of Hopkins would have touched him with a barge pole. His legs were far too diminished and he was more of a clever, s****py spoiler at that stage imo, which isn't the way to go against Qawi whatever you think of him. I've already said I don't think Hops would have hung around at 175 if there were more world class fighters there, and I'll stick with that.

Jones is undoubtedly a great fighter in retrospect but can you say he was viewed that way at the time? If Hopkins was that much of a risk taker, why not pursue Jones when they were both at their respective peaks when it would have made mega bucks and settled the score? Instead of having a series with Robert Allen?

Anyway, I get the impression we're only going to go in circles here so we'll agree to disagree.
Duran was able to fight 5 weight classes past his best weight, whitaker was able to fight all the way up to 154, leonard fought all the way up to 168, but hagler wasn't meant to move up, sorry not buying it. Hagler was a great fighter but to me, if I were to rank the 5 best fighters from 1960 and onwards, hagler wouldnt even get a mention. Ali and Duran are far greater than him, leonard, whitaker and pac rank higher, as does napoles for me. Roy Jones would beat marvin at any weight class. I would also rank carlos ortiz above him.
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