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Default Re: Bernard Hopkins - How great?

Originally Posted by Bokaj View Post
Baer was terribly unskilled, Conn was 167 lbs when he faced Louis. Smaller than most MWs today. That you even name those fighters shows that there isn't that much to find. Still I rate Louis' reign tremedously.

Don't think Sibson, Antefurmo and Hamsho looked like that much. Don't see how they would stand a notch above Joppy, Holmes and Echols for example. Hearns and Duran more or less equals Tito and DLH in my book. The difference is that neither Tito or DLH took Hopkins the distance Personally, I can't see Hopkins looking that bad against a past-prime, blown up former LW.

The Duran win doesn't elevate his standing in my eyes. It rather asks the question how he would do if he met more skilled boxers, which he really didn't face that many of.

Mugabi clearly was a dangerous opponent, though. Perhaps better than anyone of the above. But as I said, there isn't much in it. We're really splittting hairs here.

True, but Jones was phenom, though. And Hopkins gave him one of his best fights when still in his physical prime. Sure beats losing to Willie Monroe.

Think that era is very overrated. And Robinson is overrated as a MW. Not as a p4p fighter, though. He was something else, after all.
i may not agree with you but it was a pleasure as always sir
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