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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I don't doubt that, I appreciate that. Lots of people have doubted Ricky in fights, they saw him as a bit of a blind spot, no doubt about it he has improved and he hits harder. But just because people will say Broner beats Burns, doesn't mean they are doubting Ricky again.

People are just using their heads Bill when calling fights, people who predict fights don't get swayed either way when calling it. You look at both and then you ****yze, if you predict leaning towards one fighter because you like the fighter, then prepare to come crashing down to earth. Just because you like one fighter, it doesn't mean they are going to win, people need to wake up and realize this. Plenty of fighters I like lose, and most of the time I call it correctly, even fighters I like, I have called them to lose fights if I think they are going to lose, its not about who you like, its about who you think wins. I like Ricky Burns, I don't think he is winning this Broner fight.

And if you predict fights on the back of your love for one of the fighters, you are gonna be made to look a fool after a while.

And you shouldn't get so worked up and nasty to people if they think Broner wins the fight Bill, there is no need to be nasty, take it on the chin, have a laugh, walk on. You called me a ***** amongst other things, and didn't get anything, I took a weeks ban for retaliating to your nastiness, and my post wasn't half as bad as some I see here, racism and bullying etc etc.

I dont get worked up at all but i wont allow people mock Ricky coz no boxer in the UK works harder in the gym than this guy and people need to respect that.
I dont apoligise for what i write because as explained you dont see how hard he trains every day and you post things that are so way from the truth its unreal.
yes your entitled to make judgements on fights and there outcomes but if you get personal so will i
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