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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
It was a tongue in cheek post, I was trying to be sarcastically humourous against the haters saying Ricky was flawed & a champ cos he met you by accident & you knew how to keep him fit, subtly hinting at the end that you ALWAYS get Burns predictions spot-on but obviously my attempt at humour has backfired

Now how many times have I said here that you have done a fine job with Burns? LOADS. **** sake, I had to buy lypsyl a while back cos my lips had gotten so dry kissing your behind(theres a lot of it to kiss) on the work you have did with Ricky
It would have been nice Billy if you gave me the benefit of the doubt & asked what my post was all about instead of getting all high & mighty on me

But hey, Im a nice guy & im sorry if I inadvertedly offended you, your boxing highness Billy Nelson.

This plain & simple want to be but never will be clown Dunky who makes boxers cringe & is a little bit of a large one who never knew any better bows to your greatness, Sir Billy of Nelson


For someone who knows nothing about boxing, you sure as hell went a bit mental trying to justify yourself when you thought ole dunk was questioning your ability & credibility So you can relax now Billy, knowing that I respect your ability to train fighters after all
I wasnt looking for any form of praise but i appreciate your reply.thank you
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