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Default Re: Does the Ghost have a shot at beating Berto? (Technical thread)

I bet on Guerrero, but I thought the fight was 50/50. Seeing the weigh in, I'm inclined to give a slight edge to Berto (maybe this is what moved the price) but I still see value on Guerrero.

One thing that might be overlooked is Guerrero's chance of getting a knockdown, which would obviously help if it goes to decision. As someone pointed out, he is a sharp puncher, though not a power house. I've seen him score knockdowns with at least three different punches. Sure, it would be a shock if he KOd Berto but remember, you don't really have to even hurt Berto to knock him down. You just have to catch him at the right moment.

Berto will get to Guerrero and he's not at all certain to survive. But if he does, he'll outwork Berto enough to outscore him in the majority of rounds. A knockdown would lock it up nicely.
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