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Default Re: who is this keith thurman fella? any good?

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
The bum he fought last time got hammered with some absolute bombs and was slurping them down like candy.

This kid's power isn't what people think it is.

His skills are also atrocious.

He may wrest a title from someone like a K9 or a Rigoberto Alvarez or something, but don't think for a second he'll ever become one of the sport's elite.

He's a boxer-puncher who can't really box and doesn't have much more than an average punch, and has a ****ty attitude with delusions of grandeur far beyond the scope of his limited abilities.

I don't care how many people he kayoed in the amateurs or so far on the way up the pro ranks - who the **** were they? His reputation as a knockout artist is even more inflated than Valero's was.

He stepped up to D+ level against Lora and didn't really display this savage one-punch power everyone's been harping about for a couple of years. He labored toward the stoppage after landing ****loads of punches.

He is a can crusher with a flashy boisterous personality, nothing more.

I am at a loss of words. I agree he is a talker that can annoy some people but imo he is the real deal. Lora was a face first Mexican brawler who had a decent chin. Lora was able to take a lot of serious damage before literally quitting. Rare you see a Mexican slugger just say no mas.
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