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Default Re: How do you throw a long range overhand left hook?

Originally Posted by wordisbond View Post
I've never heard of the left hook referred to as the overhand lefthook. Your question is damn confusing. If you are trying to throw a left hook for a far distance (not something that is recommended unless you have crazy speed and timing), you are gonna have to jump forward ala floyd patterson, mayweather. Throw it with the thumb pointing upwards instead of towards you.

Thats some great advice thankyou!

To explain it more clearly...

You have a bog standard Left Hook thrown straight from your stance.

You have a long range left hook.

You have a cork screw left hook. (it has an overhand element to it)

I want to know how to do a long range cork screw left hook. So a lead left hook at long range coming diagonally down.
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