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Default Re: Bernard Hopkins - How great?

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
If it's negative to rate a guy in the top 50 fighters to ever live, I don't think you'd like to see me give my more critical opinions. Yeah, many rate Hopkins higher than 30-50. More than you'd think, apparently. ODLH? Well, Hopkins' best win, as far as quality of opponent in the time and place he defeated them was arguably over a guy I have ODLH clearly defeating at said opponent's best weight, which was two weights lower. I think Oscar's got the better resume overall, and clearly, in my opinion. And I prefer his accomplishments. Both were sporadically ranked the top p4p fighter on many lists and more often than not in the top tens on all the lists while still fresh. If you think it's a bit crazy, I can't help that. I just can't consider them so far off, let alone in the position of Hopkins ahead and being so far off. But if we all saw everything the same way, this forum would be fairly boring.
Ignorant general fans who, like, totally could have swore that Fighting Harada was a 300lbs professional wrestler during the 1980's might rate Hopkins in the top 30, but most people who know what they're talking about have him where you have him. I didn't mean you were being negative, I meant that it seemed like you were trying to be negative (what with the "If Hagler..." stuff) while actually being quite realistic. It was like, "Sure, he's great and all...but only 30-50 great." The post has an attitude of its own, and that was its attitude. Meanwhile, the really, really intelligent and well-informed posters who are slightly biased in B-Hop's favor were saying things like, "I'd have him inside the top 40." So, basically, it seemed like you were trying to be negative but failed. On the DLH issue, I don't like him in the top 50. I'd have him about 30 spots back. Hopkins firmly ahead for me based on dominance, longevity, looking the better fighter, and so on, but yeah, the boring bit is true.

And that's as serious a debate-type thing as I will ever do with you, because it's wrong. It feels wrong. Sick wrong.
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