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Default Re: Mike Tyson vs Tim Witherspoon 1986

I don't have anything on paper, but there was small talk going around here and there during the late 80's and early 90's, that Tim Witherspoon was the one fighter that the Tyson camp wanted nothing to do with. That of course, does not mean jack in the grand scheme of things however. I myself think that Mike Tyson - being the superior fighter and fairing much better against many of the same foes as Witherspoon, would win. A well trained and motivated Tim Witherspoon would be a challenge worth taking seriously though. He had *****, chin, heart, size, power and an awkward style that a lot of camps didn't like, and Tyson's was no exception. I don't see this as an easy match for Mike by any means, but I am confident that he'd win in one way or another.
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