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Default Re: Good article that pretty much sums up Danny Green...Not our best...But he has "HE

Originally Posted by perko View Post
Young Hans and Herman 400 yards away will **** Danny Green up the same as ''Joe Blow the Fitter '' the second they jump out of the trenches. What do you think Danny Green would'nt be anymore scared than the Fitter .
never was the bravery of either side put in question. both sides 'went over the top', knowing the outcome, as few returned from the wave of 5 minutes ago. they knew it was suicide. they knew their only chance was to actually make it to the other trenches and beat the enemy. rarely did the tactic work.

the difference COULD have been; danny green on the phone to the english generals that were the english elite....."get ****ed, im not sending any more aussies over the top to die. **** you pommy ****s. come up with a different plan. im not murdering any more of my men because you are elitist bred pommy ****s".

green WOULD say that. he WOULD get shot for it and would know it. mundine would say it also. the aussie generals involved at the time did not. what was their jobs? probably career soldiers that learned to bend over and take it up the ass....from their 'betters', the english elite, that became leaders of the allies because of social status.

we had a chance to say **** you. find another way. instead, we covered ourselves in tragedy, blood and glory by running into maxim guns with our rifles UNLOADED!!!!

would green or mundine do that to a thousand aussies? every 5 minutes?


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