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Default Re: Everything Wrong With Andre Berto.

Originally Posted by FloydPatterson View Post
Guerrero was able to bully him to the ropes from the leverage in his legs, Berto's twigs can't get that leverage.

Can't Fight on the Inside.

Glass Chin.

He has the built of a brawler but masquerades as a boxer.

I felt a little bad for him because of the Eye Swelling, and terrible ref, but that comes with the territory of boxing.

I wouldn't mind a Guerrero-Berto 2.
Berto doesn't have the ability to stick and move and create his own distance.

I would mind seeing a rematch. That fight wasn't really close. Guerrero ate Berto's power with seemingly no problem. It isn't like Berto was moments away from KO'ing him. Berto needs to either retire, or learn how to stick and move, and do it the whole fight. If he can't KO a guy, he is ****ed.
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