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Default Re: Berto's Chin = China

Originally Posted by Zakman View Post
Yeah, they seem to be out in force tonight.

No matter HOW many times a shaky beard gets exposed, no matter how many times some suspect-chinned fighter ends up on ***** street, they still can't accept that GLASS JAWS EXIST in BOXING!!!
No I accept the idea people have glass jaws, which isn't a new concept or anything you have enlightened anyone with BTW, I believe the point of contention lies with the fact that a dude who's never been stopped and been in brutal fights has a glass chin? I understand that you've been backed into a corner and gone full re****, but your entire idea got **** on by Berto not being stopped by Ortiz or Guerrero. Stupid **** bro, really ****ing stupid, like full blown re**** level...seriously.
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