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Default Re: Well Done Amir Khan

Originally Posted by MR KOOL
Who are you to Judge him, are you Jesus Christ by any chance.

Fact is Amir Khan won, completed his objectives, it was a technical mis-match, Limond did not have enough success. Limond as a boxer, was not fast enough, or skillfull enough. Amir Khan broke his Jaw, Nose just totally smashed him up.

Its one fight at a time, well done Amir Khan. You can only give him credit for what he has done.
Its not just him mate. The vast majority on this site believe Kahn is china chinned hype job. He's talented with all the heart in the world and it was impressive how he won when you consider he's just a raw novice.
He's still chinny and no amount of gym work or experience gained will change that, and its a pretty serious problem when your hyped too be an atg by the press.
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