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Default Slipping inside the jab....are these 2 counter punches good or not

hey guys,

i was wondering about something

i have always like Slipping inside the jab
and the counters that always worked for me

have been inside slip-over hand right
inside slip-left jab(kind of half jab,half upper cut)

but recently with my new coach she has trying to get to the
fellowing 2 counters which are driving crazy

Slip inside the jab-straight right to the body
this never works for me in sparring but when doing drills it feels ok

now 2nd is even worse for me

inside slip-left hook to the body
this never feels good sparring or drilling
i feel streched out and off balance

my coach says
that i should step more to the left when i do it
but man
the guy is throwing a fast jab, how do i get the time to
slip and step to left-throw the shot+his elbow is there to block

now is it me doing these 2 wrong
or are they just not realistic to do
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