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Default Re: An open letter to Ricky Hatton

See a lot of people worrying about Ricky Hatton because he lost that fight. Firstly I thought he did really well- he put some really good rounds in and started well.

After the fifth he seemed to gas a little and thus ran out of ideas but he took the punches well and up until the sensational bodyshot finish I thought the likely result was a hatton points win. Though perhaps a slightly unimpressive one.

Don't be confused though this wasn't a man coming back to overcome his demons - he was coming back because his promotional company is pretty knackered without a tv contract. He knew that he was still a top name and thought that with a couple of wins he would become a suitable opponent for khan and brook and could negotiate to get hatton promotions back on telly.

In hindsight it was a stupid opponent. Why come back after such a long layoff against a guy who was well schooled and better then anyone a prime hatton fought pre Tszyu. They should have matched him with someone much lower down the ratings or at least a brawler rather then someone whose entire game is sharp, long range punching.

For those worried about his health I'm certain he'll be fine. The comeback was almost entirely financially motivated. He's got plenty of doe. The people I'd be more concerned for are his young boxers - some of whom absolutely deserve some airtime on TV.

Half these people airing their concerns on Facebook and twitter are the glory supporters who legged it for the door while hatton was still prone on the canvas.

One positive- at least I'll never have to here that ****e song.. 'Theres only one.....'
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